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Thread: The Lumiere (D2, 99 year leasehold, BS Capital)

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    If anyone is keen to install track guided indoor/outdoor blinds (no gaps!) and retractable insect screens . Pls call 98806538 for measure and quote.

    Products are all made in Australia!

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    Just saw the Sep 16 rental contract on Lumiere and observed anomaly of few contracts with abnormal sky-rocket rental rate.
    There were six 1-bedroom units with rental rate around 4600-4800, one 2-bedrooms unit with rental rate of 6200.

    There's no such high rate happening in the past 2 years so wondering what happened here. Maybe someone starting serviced apartment business recently which usually command much higher rental rate, or maybe some owners trying to bump up the selling price valuation by bumping up URA rental rate.

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    any reason for the constant drop in price of this condo? past 2 transactions abt 1.4k psf for 678 sq ft units

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    should due to difficulty to find tenant. The unit might be larger than others around, but the facility and constant noise from port and highway are a turn-off.

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