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Thread: Lincoln Suites (D11, Freehold, Koh Brothers / Heeton / KSH / Lian Beng)

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    Any complaints please PM me

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    Default Lincoln Suites (D11, Freehold, Koh Brothers / Heeton / KSH / Lian Beng),00.html?

    Published September 12, 2008

    High-end home market going off the boil

    Developers are testing the market to see if their projects will sell


    MOST developers are still holding off launching luxury condominiums, but a few projects are slowly being put on the market.

    Frasers Centrepoint has launched and sold about 30 units at its 302-unit Martin Place Residences, with apartments going for about $1,800 per square foot (psf) on average.

    Martin Place Residences is in the River Valley neighbourhood in District 9.

    And nearby, SC Global Developments said last week it had released and sold 30 apartments in its Martin No 38, which has 91 units in total.

    The average price fetched was $2,130 psf, with sales coming at $1,881-$2,494 psf.

    Developers are pushing out luxury condo projects cautiously, with most releasing them in small phases.

    Many are also trying to test the market to see if their high-end homes will sell and gauge how much buyers will be willing to pay.

    Yesterday, the en-bloc purchasers of Lincoln Lodge said they will be launching the new development on the site - Lincoln Suites - by early next year.

    But the developers - Koh Brothers, Heeton Holdings, KSH Holdings and Lian Beng Group, which each have an equal stake in the project - will only release some of the project's 175 units in the first phase.

    And current residents of Lincoln Lodge will probably be allowed to stay in their homes well into next year.

    'We are not going to launch all the units at one go,' said Francis Koh, chief executive of Koh Brothers. 'The price will be determined by buyers' willingness to buy.'

    Prices will be similar to or 'even lower than' comparable projects nearby, Mr Koh said.

    Units in the newly-built nearby development, Park Infinia at Wee Nam, are going for $1,300-$1,600, property consultants said.

    The consortium bought Lincoln Lodge for $243 million, or $1,449 psf per plot ratio, including an estimated development charge of $413,000, in June last year at the height of the en bloc frenzy.

    They then decided to hold off tearing down the existing project, and have instead allowed occupants to keep renting apartments for at least six months from the sale completion date in July this year.

    Now, the showflat for Lincoln Suites will be built with Lincoln Lodge still standing.

    Depending on the market response, the leases of the tenants could be extended past January next year.

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    break even?


    they bought at 1446 psf.
    given construction cost of 400 psf,
    they have to break even around 1900psf,
    don't they?

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    break even


    sorry, 1449 psf.

    so if they don't sell at least 1900 psf,

    they will lose money?
    what is an estimated construction cost for
    a condo like lincoln suites?
    I heard high end construction cost is like 500 - 600psf
    am I right?

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    Really confused.

    How can they sell at 2k+ psf?

    Now I have a philosophical question:

    If developers hold tight to their high prices and do not lower then does it mean that market prices cannot drop - for new apts at least?

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    Default Why confused?

    Any developer can ask for whatever price they is up to the general public to determine if they want to buy from the developer.

    Why bother with an unknown, unseen, unbuilt development when you can find sellers trying to hawk off units at Park Infinia that will give you immediate occupation? Some sellers are only asking around $1350psf mid floor while high floors are transacting at $1550psf.

    Don't forget that a lot of owners bought units here at around $850 to $1100psf in 2006 and early 2007. Even if they unload now at a depressed market....they will still pocket a tidy sum.

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    Default new launches price

    Nowadays when u go to c showflats in newton (or anywhere), agts will tell u that the nearby plots like lincoln lodge was sold at 1400+ and have to be launched 1800 to 2000 psf to be breakeven. i will tell them that is of no relevance to me cos pricing is based on demand and supply and if supply around the area is 1300 psf to 1500 psf, there is no reason i hv to buy above 1600 psf for new launches because of the developers' cost. similarly for other areas, its not what the developer asking, it is what the true value of the area based on current price of old projects nearby, just top -ed projects etc.

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    Any complaints please PM me

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    April 24, 2009 Friday

    Koh Brothers targets Kovan condo at HDB upgraders

    By Joyce Teo, Property Correspondent

    The five-storey Fiorenza, which features an Italian theme, will have an imported glass jacuzzi on all the balconies. -- PHOTO: KOH BROTHERS

    KOH Brothers Group hopes to tempt HDB upgraders with the release of a small Kovan project this weekend while it holds off launching high-end properties until the time is ripe.

    The freehold Fiorenza in Florence Road has 28 units and will be priced at $790 per sq ft, or between $749,000 and $1.2 million per unit.

    There are two- and three-bedroom units ranging from 840 to 1,442 sq ft in the five-storey block as well as penthouses of 1,378 to 1,851 sq ft each.

    In the same area, the 521-unit Kovan Residences, which is nearer the Kovan MRT station than Fiorenza, still has unlaunched units. The 99-year leasehold project went for about $880 psf last year but those levels have since been cut. Last month, 56 units were sold at a median price of $705 psf.

    Koh Brothers is offering the interest absorption scheme at a 2 per cent premium for Fiorenza.

    Chief executive and managing director Francis Koh said the project would feature a glass jacuzzi imported from Italy on all the balconies. Each unit will also get a multi-room digital music system.

    Koh Brothers had planned to release Fiorenza in the second quarter of last year. It was also hoping to launch the high-end Lincoln Suites off Newton Road by early this year, but the market has not been in its favour.

    With high-end demand still muted, the launch is unlikely anytime soon.

    Mr Koh said the consortium would continue to lease out Lincoln Lodge - which is the site for Lincoln Suites - right into next year. It had, together with Heeton Holdings, KSH Holdings and Lian Beng Group, bought Lincoln Lodge at the height of the property boom in 2007 for $1,449.30 psf per plot ratio.

    Koh Brothers has other development projects in the pipeline which it is holding until an appropriate time.

    'The market may change very quickly. It can go up quickly, it can also come down quickly,' said Mr Koh.

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    Thumbs up Lincoln Suites Previewing Soon

    Lincoln Suites VVIP Preview Soon (Former Site of Lincoln Lodge)

    Register with me now! Appointed Marketing Agent for Lincoln Suites

    Lincoln Suites is just behind VIVA located along Khiang Guan Avenue, directly opposite Goldhill Plaza and United Square shopping mall.

    Novena Square and Novena MRT Station is situated opposite the road.

    Only ten minutes' drive from Orchard,the major shopping and entertainment belt. Lincoln Suites provides excellent accessibility to other parts of the island, served by the Central Expressway (CTE), the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Bukit Timah Road, Newton Road and Scotts Road.


    Novena MRT Station (NS20)from Lincon Suites
    0.39 km

    Newton MRT Station (NS21)from Lincoln Suites
    0.76 km


    United Square/Goldhill Plaza
    0.10 km


    SQUARE 2

    Nearest School to Lincoln Suites

    Blk 39 Newton Road Singapore 307966
    Distance : 192.13 m

    Blk 1 Sarkies Road Singapore 258130
    Distance : 694.44 m

    Blk 50 Barker Road Singapore 309918
    Distance : 785.38 m

    Blk 20 Anderson Road Singapore 259978
    Distance : 1.62 km

    Contact me for more information on Lincoln Suites

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    how much 2000psf?

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    gd luck to Koh Brothers! enbloc at $1500 cost

    ViVa, better location, bigger land, is selling NOW at $1500.

    How on earth can Koh Bro make any profit out of this ?

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    OCR properties going to crash!

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    Actually, IMHO Lincoln Suites has better location than VIVA. It is just beside United Square and just walk across the road is Novena MRT station whereas VIVA is still some distance away, closer to CTE and hence much noiser. The expressways is no joke because I have viewed a unit in Park Infinia at 28th storey in stack 9 and while the expressway is still further away (as compared to VIVA), the noise from the vehicles cruising on CTE can still be heard very clearly. Also, big land is no advantage if they pack in so many units. I prefer smaller number of units on reasonable size land (since more exclusive, don't have the EC type of feeling).

    Quote Originally Posted by amk
    gd luck to Koh Brothers! enbloc at $1500 cost

    ViVa, better location, bigger land, is selling NOW at $1500.

    How on earth can Koh Bro make any profit out of this ?

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    location gd or not doesnt not matter.. the scariest part is that this plot of land was en bloc at $1449 psf during the peak and it will be really scary to see them launching at $1900+ psf or more.

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    Default curiosity

    launch price 1800 - 2000 psf. if it sells then the whole vicinity will get a lift. curious to see whats the launch price and take up rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Localite
    launch price 1800 - 2000 psf. if it sells then the whole vicinity will get a lift. curious to see whats the launch price and take up rate.
    Actually it may happen as its neighbor, Newton Suites, is still be sold at a high price...

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    agt told me stdio 2200 psf, 2 bedder 2000 psf. i really want to see who is buying !

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    Quote Originally Posted by denverusa
    agt told me stdio 2200 psf, 2 bedder 2000 psf. i really want to see who is buying !

    I wouldnt be surprise all the higher psf on 1/2 bedrms is a SOLD out.

    As Bank can loan 80 even 90% for 1st house buyer. Nothing is impossible now.

    Property Cheong ahhhh. Dont Stop from now.

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    Default Finishing

    Anyone know the finishing that they are providing?

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    hi everyone, developer's briefing will be tml..

    Developer : Koh Brothers and joint-ventured partners
    Tenure : Freehold
    Total : 175 units on Two blocks of 29 storey Apartments
    Site area : Approx 44000 sq ft
    TOP : Expected 31 Dec 2015
    Facilities @ Sky Terrace (5 & 24 Floor):
    50 m Lap Pool
    360 degree Spa Pool
    Sky Gymnasium ( Air-conditioned )
    Dining Alcoves, Epicurean's Delight
    Splash Pool, Fun Pool
    Thermal Spa with Jacuzzi
    Massage Decks
    Lounge with Bar Counter
    Wine Cellar
    Multi Storey Carpark

    Types of Units:
    Studio 463/474/484 sq.ft. ( 44 units )
    1 bedroom 527/538 sq.ft. ( 22 units )
    2 Bedroom 1033/1044/1076 sq ft ( 42 units )
    2 + Study 1098/1109/1119 sq. ft (24 units)
    3 bedroom 1561 sq ft (14 units)
    3 + Study 1615 sq ft ( 4 units )
    4 bedroom 1798 sq ft ( 14 units )
    4 + Study - 1841 sq ft ( 4 units )
    Duplex - 2616/3036 sq ft ( 4 units )
    Penthouses 3703/4812/5501 sq ft ( 3 units )

    Here are some basic u are keen to see how the proj look like, can visit my website at for artist impression

    Est psf should be 1700 average psf range...depending on unit size...since Lincoln residences & miro are averaging 1600+-1700psf...this should not be too far off...

    Finishing-wise should be the standard hansgrohe...etc finishings...will furbish u guys with more details tml...

    for more enquiries, u can contact me at 81835132...i'm the appointed developer mktg agent

    Cheers ;P

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    Around 40% of the units are mickey mouse unit. Beware! Developer is trying to use those units of smaller quantum but higher psf to bring up their sales result for Lincoln Suites.

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    as the developer bought the land really expensive, this is one way to achieve a profit, mixing it up with tiny units for studio and 1 bedrooms followed by 2 and 2+study to keep the quantum down but maybe register record psf?! similar strategies were employed at Optima and Centro.

    For this project, take note of the monkey sized plot as well, only 44000sq ft. For the 3 & 4 bedders (total 36 units), if psf is more than 1500psf, better off buying VIVA.

    Knowing buyer's preferences for 2 bedders, also need to be cautious for the 2 and 2 + study, which are also quite normal sized and paying even 1700psf for these may be a stretch (let alone the touted 1800 to 2000psf) considering the land size is so much smaller than VIVA's.

    high psf can be "justified" for the 66 mickey mouse units but for the next 66 2 and 2+study, that's where the $ quantum leaps if psf is close to the mickey mouse ones.

    Quote Originally Posted by dormer
    Around 40% of the units are mickey mouse unit. Beware! Developer is trying to use those units of smaller quantum but higher psf to bring up their sales result for Lincoln Suites.
    Last edited by bargain hunter; 12-08-09 at 13:00.

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