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    Visited the show flat yesterday. Big crowd there, many HDB upgraders.

    Not bad and quite spacious for 3 bedrooms under 1,200 square feet, except for the balcony which has white iron grilles. Looks very downmarket and HDB.

    Average price is about $ 650 psf. One tower already up and being constructed.

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    The park across the road from Blossoms will be an HDB estate in the future. Expect population and traffic in the area to go up. The good thing is with the construction of HDB estate, there will be supermarkets and other amenities that are currently unavailable. Perhaps even a cinema!

    This condo is riding on the popularity stakes in the larger general area pioneered by One Leicester, Intero, and One St Michael, being priced slightly lower than them. Accessibility is moot, considering Woodleigh MRT may not be open to the public for quite some time yet.

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    Visited Blossom on Saturday. Agent briefly said all units w psf $650 and above. Units size - 93m (2 bedrm), 112/113m (3 rm), 131/134m (3 rm), penthouse (> 250m). More pricey than OL for all units 2 bedroom and 3 bedrooms. Also limited facing city-facing units. Launch crowd are there but seriously doubt HDB upgraders will take up. Noticed that in the Electrical specification - limited power points and lighting points (as compared to OL) meaning owners may have to pay extra for contrctors to done up. Price setup may help OL to complete sold-out soon.

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    from the brochure:

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    I would rather buy One Leicester sub sale than this. This location not as good as OL.

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