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Thread: Alexis @ Alexandra Road (D3, Freehold, Yi Kai Development and Fission Group)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregisteredmotherfrakker
    ****ing ******* motherfrakker, why create another dickhead like you when there are so many around???
    Quote Originally Posted by Reaming Savior
    i think you are taking after the schizo Geylang OKT. i don't blame u coz u r such a regular client of OKT's mother.
    Quote Originally Posted by Expat
    Oh ream me, please ream me... I am the silly novena dumbass in multiple disguises again
    Unregisteredmotherfrakker, Reaming Savior and Expat:

    You 3 useless shemales!
    Fůck off from here!

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    Default Updates on Alexis!!

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    There is a registration here

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    who is the developer??

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