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Thread: Northwood

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurby
    I think this one abit hard to guage what is a good price as there are very few similar projects around. Euphony garden is 99 hard to guage...

    I may be looking for a unit here as well as we suddenly found this condo in the north...previously only knew got Seletaris and the one beside it...
    Look like we have similar requirements. Have you check out Sensoria?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lao Hu
    Look like we have similar requirements. Have you check out Sensoria?
    I've been there during its initial launch but found that there are not enough spaces catered for washing machine... gave me that kind of impression at least... any comments?

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    I have not checked out sensoria....

    Today I went to walk around Northwood again....the best stacks are those facing the army camp but that is also the stacks with the E-W sun...the rest of the stacks no doubt does not have the E-W sun issues but there are either facing each other or are surrounded by the nearby development (which i think only the penthouses are above the nearby houses....)

    The 2-bedroom and 4-bedrooms one are the best in terms of side face the pool the other side is unblock since is facing the road leading to the army camp...

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    Heard from my agent that the pool in Sensoria is pathetic. There is no feeder service to MRT and the owners are asking for sky-high price ($1m for 3 bedroom).

    Northwood is too deep in and too close to the army camp. The helicopter noise is definitely a nuisance.

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    So there is not many good freehold condo in this area....

    Was intially looking forward to Meadows @ Peirce...but the price is crazy....

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    FH in Sembawang: Seletaris, sensori, Northwoods
    Price for Meadows @ Pierce is crazy....but already >50% sold....
    So many rich ppple out there or so many pple enjoy being slaves to interest payment.....
    Bullion Park and Thomson Grove also FH but going at 50& discount from Meadows....

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    Read from the newspaper that Northwood will have shuttle bus service to MRT. Can anyone confirm on this?

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    Fresh from URA.
    NORTHWOOD JALAN MATA AYER Condominium 810,000 1,313 Strata 617 Jul-09

    I was offered an unit at 820k but did not take it up because of the stack location.

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    I was looking at the Property Price Index and noted that at the time of launch of Northwood, the PPI was above the peak of 1996. That means, even at 650psf, the price could be on the high side.

    But then again, unless some owners have problem servicing the loans, otherwise no one will sell at a loss yah??

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    Just heard from broker that there are 3 more units transacted at S$800+k.

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