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Thread: South Beach

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo33
    I suspect you might need some help in your elementary studies again because it seems like you are facing difficulties in understanding what you read.

    I do pity your frustration, but that doesnt mean you should use vulgarity to release your anger on others.

    Perhaps reading more and speaking less could help.
    I pity you Ringo33 young man.

    Look here.

    A simple question from me and you CANNOT even answer properly.

    So is the one illiterate ?

    Guess you are just another ACT SMART but in reality is a DUMB ASS !

    Till now i have NOT receive any concrete proof from you DUMMY !


    Grow up and get a life !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo33
    Would you dare to swallow your own shit if someone from the Kwek family buys ends up buying a unit or even a few units at South Beach? obviously not.

    Or wait, perhaps you already have full of shit in your mouth, so full that they are spilling out from your nose already. Guess that explain why everything that comes out of it smells and looks like shit.

    And if i dare, would you dare to eat your own shit and together with my SHIT ?

    Well don't try to be hero lah....


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