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Thread: The Estuary

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    Quote Originally Posted by wadexu
    Anybody want to buy there better to stay in Orchid park beside a few days to see if can bear the noise from Yishun Ave 2, especially the motor bike at the wee hour.

    I was living in Orchid park few years back. can't make it even on the air-con, close the windows all the time at night.

    This new site got Ave 2, MRT track beside Ave1.
    A condo affected by traffic noise is not a good buy.

    What happened to our world class urban planners. why reserve land for condo so close to main arterial traffic.

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    The land is released according to a predetermined criteria...

    Near Junction is also land that can be used and shall be used. If that is the case... the earlier it is released, the better it is as better land could be sold at a later date at a higher price. It has soemthing to do with the sequence of releasing land parcels.

    Imagine if good land is released first versus a not so good land later... The price of not so good land will be lower or should not be higher as compared to the better one. However, if done in the correct order, land prices will keep going up.

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    The noise from the MRT is the the system ages, the noise gets louder....

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    The distance away from MRT tracks are not as close as some other condo's.... caspain is nearer... The good thing is that it is near a recreational park.

    The stadium noise could be an issue to note also..

    But at whatever price.... sure got people to jump in and buy... 10% to 20% take up no problem... demand coming from those who wish to upgrade or need a new home in Yishun. Beyond 80% it is harder to find new buyers...

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    Went to the actual site and went up Blk 816 beside the site.
    1. Scenery +++++ (A lot of greeny)
    2. Park facility +++++ (A lot of new reservior facilities building in progress)
    3. Distance from MRT ++ (10 mins walk by me to Khatib MRT)
    4. Distance to supermarket/shops ++ (10 mins walk too)
    5. Distance to TOTO station ++++ (2 mins walk to stadium Singapore Pools)
    5. Noise ----- (The noise from Ave 1 was unbearable, no need to even talk about MRT, Helicopter noise as well as stadium events), somemore free noise from Multi-Purpose Hall which was having an event.


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    Btw, saw some construction next to Blk 816. It's seem that the showroom going to be built there. Should be selling soon.

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    Then maybe buy blk 816 better haa haa....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bieffe
    All launching higher and higher price...bubble getting bigger and bigger...until Mr Mah Pokes it!

    Pls don't sell such a thing for $800+/psf

    But then there are ppl with ready cheque to buy.
    At 800+psf is unsustainable, 700-750 may be more reasonable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksh
    At 800+psf is unsustainable, 700-750 may be more reasonable.
    IMO anything above 700psf is unreasonable... in Yishun
    but now any unreasonable price is possible

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    No news...

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