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Thread: En bloc: Tanglin Shopping Centre up for sale again

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    Published June 17, 2010

    En bloc: Tanglin Shopping Centre up for sale again

    Reserve price of $1.25b works out to a high $4,167 psf ppr

    THE freehold Tanglin Shopping Centre is on the en bloc trail again, and the reserve price listed in the collective sales agreement (CSA), for which signing has started, is understood to be $1.25 billion.

    Based on this, the unit land price works out to a whopping sum of about $4,167 per square foot of potential gross floor area.

    The assumption is that no development charge is payable and that the new owner will be able to build up to the property's existing gross floor area (GFA) of about 300,000 sq ft, even though this slightly exceeds the maximum 287,700 sq ft under Master Plan 2008.

    The unit land price would be a record level and property consultants polled by BT yesterday evening consider it steep.

    A seasoned property consultant shared some broad-brush estimates with BT last night: 'Assuming the site is redeveloped into a combination of medical suites, mall and apartments, the breakeven cost for the retail component would be about $7,000-$7,500 psf; for medical suites around $6,000 psf and more than $5,000 psf for residential. These are all above current pricing levels.'

    For instance, ION Orchard mall was valued at the end of last year at $3,950 psf.

    Although built on a 99-year leasehold site, it boasts a superior location above Orchard MRT Station compared with Tanglin Shopping Centre.

    BT understands that based on the $1.25 billion reserve price for Tanglin Shopping Centre, the potential payout to some owners of second-floor shop units works out to $7,000-7,500 psf of existing strata area.

    'If I were an owner, I would definitely want to sell at that kind of price!' quipped the head of investment sales at a major property consulting group.

    News of collective sales efforts for Tanglin Shopping Centre came to light yesterday when Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, the London-listed hotel arm of City Developments Ltd (CDL), said in a statutory filing that it had signed a CSA for the sale of its strata-titled interest in the complex.

    BT understands that ERA has been appointed to handle the collective sale but the firm's senior marketing director Jean Goh declined to disclose the asking price, saying it was too early. 'We have just started the signing,' she added.

    M&C's CEO, Richard Hartman, said in yesterday's filing: 'Whilst discussions regarding the potential disposal of our interest in Tanglin Shopping Centre are at a very preliminary stage, we felt it appropriate to disclose we had entered into the CSA.

    'The board would highlight the highly conditional nature of the proposed disposal and that the sensitive nature of the discussions precludes disclosure of further commercial information or terms at this time. We will provide a further update on progress as and when appropriate.'

    M&C holds its stake in the shopping and office complex through its wholly owned subsidiary, King's Tanglin Shopping Pte Ltd.

    The company owns 85 freehold strata units comprising retail/office units and 325 carpark lots that have been held as a long-term investment since 1981. Based on earlier media reports, this works out to a stake of about 35 per cent in the complex.

    Some analysts say that assuming ERA garners the minimum 80 per cent consent level from owners, CDL and/or its parent Hong Leong Group would be keen on the asset, given the group's sizeable presence in the location - including St Regis Hotel and the Orchard Hotel and shopping arcade.

    However, whether Hong Leong would want to pay the over $4,000 psf per plot ratio for Tanglin Shopping Centre remains to be seen.

    'They have an advantage over other bidders since their unit M&C already owns 35 per cent of the complex; so their effective outlay will be smaller,' an agent said.

    Tanglin Shopping Centre is on a freehold site of about 68,500 sq ft and has a strata area of about 230,000 sq ft.

    It comprises a retail podium (part of which houses medical suites), a 12-storey office tower, and carparking facilities.

    Under Master Plan 2008, the site is zoned for commercial use with a 4.2 plot ratio (ratio of maximum potential GFA to land area) and a maximum height of 20 storeys.

    The complex was developed in two stages, in the early 1970s and early 1980s.

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    Jun 17, 2010

    2nd collective sale bid by Tanglin Shopping Centre?

    By Joyce Teo

    THE ageing Tanglin Shopping Centre near Orchard Road looks headed for a collective sale that could bring in more than $1 billion for its owners.

    Its sale committee received a big boost yesterday when substantial shareholder Millennium & Copthorne (M&C) Hotels said 'yes'.

    M&C, which is part of the Hong Leong Group, owns 85 freehold strata units comprising shops and offices, as well as 325 carpark lots in the mall. It has held these since 1981.

    The holdings come to 34 per cent of the mall's share value, said the Hong Leong group.

    M&C chief executive Robert Hartman said talks on the potential disposal of its stake in the mall are at a 'very preliminary stage'. The proposed sale is also highly conditional, he said.

    This is Tanglin Shopping Centre's second attempt at a collective sale, after a 2007 bid failed.

    This time, the sellers are said to be aiming for a price of at least $1.25 billion. Sale committee chairman Len Hoo said they started on Feb 6 to collect signatures and almost 25 per cent have agreed to sell. A consent level of at least 80 per cent is needed.

    Marketing agent ERA refused to comment.

    Developed in phases, the 12-storey centre sits on freehold and 999-year leasehold land. It can be built up to 20 storeys without a development charge. The site is about 68,500 sq ft.

    Mr Ronald Chia, a long-time tenant and owner of a few units, said the mall could be redeveloped into a residential-cum-retail centre with a medical facility built on the multi-storey carpark space in Cuscaden Road.

    'Nobody knows how bad the building is. Our escalators are making so much noise but you cannot find the spare parts,' said Mr Chia. 'To (install) a new escalator, you would have to tear down part of the building.'

    Ms Julie Yeo, who owns Antiques of the Orient, said the building pulls in customers looking for specific things.

    Meanwhile, nearby Ming Arcade is also trying for a collective sale and has recently formed a sale committee.

    Its attempt hinges heavily on the decision of Mr Ong Beng Seng, believed to own a substantial stake in the property. He has made two offers for the property but both were way below valuation, sources said.

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    if tanglin shopping centre is going to be developed, will turn out to be another orchard central. Take a walk in Ion on Saturday then make ur way down to OC then u know what i am talking about. When I went to OC today, I also noticed an out of place tuition centre located inside (Salford) and I was thinking the management must be nuts to even allow a tuition centre to be set up inside (what an eyesore). Today was the first time my mother went to OC after returning from overseas and she commented that the place was

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