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Thread: Cityscape @ Farrer Pk (Mergui Road)

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    Quote Originally Posted by vsk

    Thanks for the suggestions so far..

    my case is bit different, because i'm staying now in a rental place currently..

    So am thinking might as well buy quickly, so i dont waste money with the rentals.

    So that's why i'm thinking whether its worth while to wait for cityscape or buy something else immediately.

    cityscape told they will finish by 3Q next year..I feel brand new is always better than old

    Will the 12 year old kentish court depreciate so much, if we sell after 5 to 6 years.?.'cos i feel i'm wasting money with the rentals now.
    It good to stay in your own place and reduce your mortgage than to help other pay theirs. White paper, Black paper is for people on the sideline who are are undecided. When it come to property, buy when you can afford and not look at White paper, Black paper and cry father, cry mother.

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    VSK: If you cannot wait, then try and make an offer that while not ridiculous is in keeping with current downward trend. Bulls will tell you otherwise, but yes, it's definitely buyer's market for resale. You can start by looking at last couple of transactions for Kentish Court based on caveats lodged, which translate to about 1kpsf. So the two-bedders there are about $1m, and the three-bedders about $1.3m. Go for at least 15% lower. Should not be $1.5m. I too live in Farrer Park - Kentish Court is slightly better than Kentish Green, but both are 99 yr LH, and so-so at best. Cityscape is FH, definitely can't get it at 1kpsf. Low floor $1.3kpsf and high floor 1.5kpsf. Unless you wait and see if developer will hold current prices, again as has been advised.

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    I think you can consider city square residences,south bank or Citylights.these 3 projects hold well and the rental is solid and as easy as abc.the sports hub also coming up soon,I am sure the price will be even better after that.
    Quote Originally Posted by vsk

    we are looking to purchase a pte apt/condo for our own stay. we prefer to be around farrer park area.

    understand that cityscape units which are selling at 1.5 m, are facing CTE (low floor)..

    we looked at couple of other options in kerrisdale , kentish court etc.,

    we liked kentish court, because the surrounding area is calm and not much crowd. But the price of this 12 year old apt, is also 1.5 m.

    i feel kerrisdale has too many units and is bit crowded, but its only 6 year old..

    A friend of mine told me they purchased 1.6 mil private property and sold it only for 800K around the farrer park area. Not sure at what time in singapore, the private property prices fluctuated so much..

    I'm am bit worried, whether the private property prices willd drop so much in the future..

    Is it worthwhile to buy a 12 year old. apt or buy the CTE facing low floor cityscape?

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    the Kentish court 3 bed room - 1.3 m
    is this a good buy?
    is it possible for this to be enbloc Ed ?
    currently this apt is already 12 years old.
    if at all if they en bloc , after how long this would happen ?
    we are looking for own stay

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    Default Mergui road en bloc

    Hey! do u know what the plans are for the recent en bloc of low rise on mergui road? heard the row of shops along Rangoon rd also en bloc recently? (next to the city scape showroom)

    Quote Originally Posted by GORDON
    now is the time to get your bargain unit
    offer a low price , 30% below asking, and let the owner sweat it out
    be prepared to walk away
    you can wait until 2015 for the glut of units to materialize

    cityscapes has sold only 60% of their units

    also besides cityscape ,
    another developer
    has enbloced the whole row of low rise houses @ mergui road
    probably waiting to launch next year

    dont rush

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    Update 25th July 2013.

    DSC01246 by AzeoP, on Flickr

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    wow ... ...

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    Should be looking good like montebleu in the background next time.

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    Update 30th April 2014.

    DSC05042 by azeoprop, on Flickr

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    Any idea why the prices of Cityscape still remain suppressed?

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